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2013 World Champs
The Estes Boys
 And extend our Thanks to all of the teams who gave their all at last years event.
2014 will be the best WCSCO yet.
Join us on September 13th.
The National Squirrel calling competition and The Bacon Bowl. 
Will be held the same day.
Please contact us for more info.
We would also like to introduce an additional guest judge Elyse Pasquale. She is a food and travel journalist with culinary experience in 65+ countries. When she’s not eating her way around the world, Elyse resides in New York City and rural Tuscany. She recently hosted a new food adventure web series (in post-production) and is writing her upcoming memoir, “Off the Beaten Plate.”




The 2014 Cook off date is September 13th
Also the National Squirrel calling competition will be held the same day.
$10.00 entry. 

Squirrel its what's for Dinner.
$50 early entry Fee. 


he World Championship Squirrel Cook Off was featured on Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern, CNN, Huffington Post, ABC world news, Wall Street Journal and many more news media outlets. 

World Championship Squirrel Cook Off  

This i
s the one and only true World Championship Squirrel Cook Off. We are an invitational event but will accept
any true squirrel enthusiast and culinary masters of the beloved squirrel.

If you have a aunt, grandma, friend or just someone you know who can whip up a batch of squirrel, they need to prove it here and be recognized as the "BEST OF THE BEST!" Our event has been seen on Good Morning America, Front page of the Wall Street Journal, and many other media sources.

If you want to be around the top wild game chefs in the country, then you will want to be at the WCSCO. Squirrel Hunters and wild game cooks will be here from all over the country. Open to the public come enjoy all of the fun, learning, and unique recipes--only found at the cook off.


Use this site to help you determine if you have the want, the need, and the passion to join us for the biggest squirrel cook off around.

The next championship will be held in Bentonville, Arkansas in September on the 13th

Those traveling in for the event can find hotel and restaurant information at

The Squirrel
Squirrel has long been a meat source for hunters and their families. This meat has helped many families survive the hard times and has also become a favorite dish among them. Many recipes and techniques have been passed down from the generations before that relied on these creatures for their livelihood.



Skinning, quartering, aging, and marinading are some but not all of the important aspects of the perfect squirrel dish. Each competitor will bring their unique methods to showcase in front of the crowd and judges in hopes of claiming the renowned title of "Master Chef."

A variety of techniques can achieve impressive results with such a modest creature. An animal thought by most to be a pest or backyard pet can be transformed into world-class dishes that will hold their own in fine restaurants. Slow cooking, smoking, grilling, and deep frying are all favorite methods to prepare the meat.

Like most cooking competitions, the final presentation of the finished dish is also an important factor. A naked squirrel lying on the plate won't cut it in this cook-off.
  Our pledge

Money raised by the event is donated to charity. We have donated thousands of dollars to children shelters. If you have a charity that is looking for help, please contact us by using the contact page.

  Our Event

We love to cook, and we love to brag. That is what makes the WCSCO the greatest cooking event in the country. Our competition is special because our main ingredient cannot be purchased in stores. You have to work for it and plan for it. The rules state that all teams must prepare their entrées onsite; no off site prep is allowed. This guarantees a competition of intense labor and time management. Teams (3 people) have only 2 ½ hrs. to create their dish. This dish will be judged by a panel of true squirrel eaters, folks who know what good food should taste like. Our event is held in the town of Bentonville, Arkansas on the downtown Bentonville square in conjunction with the Saturday morning Farmer's Market. The day and event have a true festival atmosphere. Bentonville is the home to the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Walmart Visitor Center, the Museum of Native American History and much more. So, come for the festival and stay for the fun! With 100 teams planned for this years event and people coming from coast to coast, this is sure to be one of the most memorable events of the year.

Or go to our contact page to enter to be a Judge, contestant, and or sponsor. This page will also let you purchase merchandise by contacting us at 

 Click the file above for the 2014 Rules and Form

watch video
There were familiar dishes all around the event, but this time, with a twist. The main ingredient, at least for Saturday, was squirrel.

"It's what nature intended for people to eat," Bud Bohall, a contestant in the competition Saturday said.

It's the first ever World Champion Squirrel Cook Off and it happened right here in Northwest Arkansas.

"We have a panel of 5 judges and each team is judged on their side dish and on their entree. And the predominant meat for your dish has to be squirrel," Founder, Joe Wilson said.

Today 20 contestants set up in Bentonville and made their best and most original squirrel dishes.

"You actually have to chop and prepare all of your food right here on site so when squirrels come in they're whole squirrels."

"They made bacon wrapped squirrel wings and jalapeno squirrel poppers," Lissa Brown said. Her husband and friend teamed up this year to compete.

What does squirrel really taste like? The answer is not chicken.

"It has its own unique taste. Its got a littler tougher texture than you're used to probably, normally and a little "gamier" taste but it's really good," Bohall said.

Founder, Joe Wilson has been having squirrel cook offs with his close friends for years, until this year, when the Travel Channel called.

"Well believe it or not the local visitors council has me down as the go to red neck for weird stuff," Wilson said.

So Andrew Zimmern with Bizarre Foods gave the event a taste.

"That's been very neat to follow and watch him, and watch him try everything too," Brown said.

"We don't get a lot of exposure like that around here and it was pretty exciting to have him," Bohall said.

And when all is said and done. There's now a squirrel cooking world champion.

Until next year, brothers Brandon and Blayne Estes will reign with their Squirrel Sliders to thank.

Wilson said he hopes to have 100 contestants at next years event. Since the Travel Channel airs in 70 countries, he expects the exposure to get people interested.

Bizarre Foods actually had multiple events throughout the week for an Ozark Edition Bizarre Foods episode. They were not able to give us an exact time when to expect the episode, but it should be within the next few months.

Bizarre Foods Ozark edition will air the spring of next year, check out all of the fun we had gigging, crow hunting, rabbit hunting, bear hunting, and most of all whooping up some mean squirrel.

We cannot operate without sponsorship, our event is looking for corporate sponsors who would like to showcase their companies as a proud sponsor of a family friendly event, that has received national and international attention from TV, News, and intranet. Our event has the potential of having thousands of spectators, and nearly 100 teams of contestants. The event is a showcase of cooking, and the responsible use of wild game. Please contact us on the contact page for more information.

These or some of our current supporters and sponsors.   


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