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St. Louis BBQ & Its History

origins of st. louis bbq featured

The history of St. Louis BBQ is an interesting dive into a style of barbecue but not necessarily a method of cooking. It might be more interesting to know that…Read More


First Chili Cookoff – 1942 Borger BBQ Battle

There isn’t much to say about the little sleepy town of Borger, Texas until you bring up one landmark incident. The Second World War was still in full-swing, and locals…Read More

1952 Chili Cookoff [Uvalde, TX] ‘Arama Days’

'Arama Days' - Texas header

Among other things that stand out at the Dallas State Fair in 1952 was the first appearance of Big Tex. It was an oversized statue that was originally a giant…Read More

Terlingua’s First Chili Cookoff in 1967

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Texas Chili, the Dallas Press, and a Hot-Rod God When it comes to chili in Texas, pride is well-known and celebrated for several reasons. But if you thought there’s a…Read More

BBQ History Series: Memphis in May (MiM) 1978

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The MiM Memphis in May: The World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest, 1978 “Some might say that after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, it spelled the end…Read More

Kaiser Foil BBQ Hawaii Cookoff, 1959

If there ever was a cookoff that got a lot of entertainment value for the sport of home BBQ, you found it! It was originally an advertisement for Kaiser’s aluminum…Read More


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Cajun Cookoff in St. Louis – A Mardi Gras Celebration

Cajun Cookoff -February 12, 2022 Did someone say Crewe in the Lou?

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Culinary Challenge Awards in St. Louis

Culinary Challenge Awards -March 7, 2022 Now here’s a food challenge that’s

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Ozarks BBQ Fest Featured image

Ozarks BBQ Fest 2022 – What to Expect

There is nothing like the fun and entertainment that comes from barbecue

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American Royal World Series Of Barbecue – Results 2021 Featured image

American Royal World Series Of Barbecue (WSOBBQ) – Results 2021

The most recent WSOBBQ or as locals have known this to be

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Lainey Abone Rib Eating queen Surprise Featured image

Memphis Grizzlies Cheerleader Wins Rib Eating Competition

Rib Eating Surprise When you think of competitive eating, who comes to

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When it comes to competitions, it doesn't get any bigger than the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS). We report the latest happenings from 100s of barbeque contests held in the USA and throughout the world.  

Competitive style BBQ has came a long way from its humble beginnings stemming from local chili cookoffs. The first BBQ competition was the Cow County BBQ Cookout in June 3, 1972 in Unvalued, Texas but the story starts back in 1942 with Quay Franklin, and  Bob “Barbecue King” Grimes.

Today each year there are over 50 major competitions held throughout the US and 100s worldwide. No matter your experience in the competitive grilling and BBQ circuit we feature all the stories, tips, and information you need to level up your cooking game. 

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What is the Squirrel Cookoff Championship?

The Squirrel Cookoff was started by Joe Wilson in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2013. It came to be after Joe claimed he could in fact cook squirrels, when asked by one of the crew members of the Travel Channel while filming an episode of Bizarre Foods which he was helping out on. To take it a step further he said, "not only do we cook squirrels, but we throw the World Championship Cook-off" A short few weeks later came to be the first Squirrel Cookoff. Read More

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Product Reviews

Yielding the perfect rack of ribs doesn't require top of the line BBQ products, but it helps. We know that you don't need the best smoker or meat smoking gadgets to make great tasting barbecue. But, having quality cookers and temperature monitoring devices help close the gap between a novice and pitmaster. This is why we review top selling smokers, grills, and accessories to bring you our top selections. Squirrel Cookoff is well-known among the competition circuit and we use our experience to make recommendations you can count on.  Reviews are made made possible with collaboration from Smoking Meat Geeks

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The Great Chili Cookoff Cheater

BBQ has been, and always will be, about taking pride in the way meat is prepared and cooked. Here’s unique story of what can happen when the pride of producing great BBQ is no longer part of the equation.

Ever wanted something so bad you were willing to take extreme measures to achieve it? Well, in this case, our subject wasn’t after 1st place but instead, some basic free BBQ swag. What? This story is a must read for anyone who as ever entered a chili cookoff or cooking competition. [READ]

story of cheating for free stuff

The People of BBQ

Chris Armstrong & Navin’s BBQ in St. Louis

What happens when you take good old-fashioned Texas BBQ and combine it

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Rodney Scott featured image

Meet Rodney Scott, BBQ HOF & James Beard Winner

Mr. Scott’s family moved to South Carolina when Rodney was an infant.

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Lainey Abone Rib Eating queen Surprise Featured image

Memphis Grizzlies Cheerleader Wins Rib Eating Competition

Rib Eating Surprise When you think of competitive eating, who comes to

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Meet Meathead King of BBQ Science Featured image

Meet Meathead King of BBQ Science

Craig ‘Meathead’ Goldwyn has enough accolades that we could have just pages

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Event The Jack Sub Article Clark BBQ the winners Featured image

The Jack Daniel’s BBQ World Champions – Winners Circle

Grand Champion of the 31st Annual Jack Daniel’s BBQ competition goes to

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