Sous Vide & Grilling Steak – Best Sous Vide Steak Guide

Sous Vide Characteristics The reason the sous vide device is the perfect compliment to grilling steaks is that it has such precise temperature control. You can set the exact level of doneness that you want for your finished

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Best BBQ Chicken Tips from Memphis Pros featured image

BBQ Chicken Tips from Memphis

Memphis is known for a very special kind of BBQ and is also home to the famous Memphis In May BBQ cook-off competition. When it comes to BBQ chicken in Memphis, these hometown heroes know what makes Memphis-style

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Guide to a Juicy Grilled Chicken featured image

Guide to a Juicy Grilled Chicken

Along with hamburgers and hot dogs, barbecued chicken is equally as classic as it can get when it comes to grilling. Chicken takes longer to cook than either hamburger or hotdogs and requires lower cooking temperatures. Nobody likes

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