Memphis in May Featured image

Memphis in May 2022 – World Championship Barbecue Cooking Competition

Once again, the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Competition for 2022 in Memphis, Tennessee fairgrounds. Some exciting new updates will make this year’s BBQ competition more exciting with cook-offs, food tasting, and music. There are some things you do

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Smoke on the Plains Featured image

Smoke on the Plains Derby BBQ Fest

If you’re stumbling around downtown Derby in Kansas around June 10th and 11th this year, you’ll be glad to hear that Smoke on the Plains is back again. There’s plenty to do and loads to see, but most

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Great Lenexa BBQ Battle Featured image

Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

What more can you ask for when it comes to fine BBQ festivals in Kansas than one of the State’s lesser-known BBQ competitions. You may not have heard of the Great Lenexa BBA Battle before, however, there is

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Ozarks BBQ Fest Featured image

Ozarks BBQ Fest – Event History, Coverage & Results

This year’s Ozark BBQ Fest started off with much anticipation and actually had great weather, BBQ, and entertainment. Sadly, what we’re missing were the crowds that 2021 had seen. Oddly enough, the attendance at this year’s Ozark BBQ

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Cajun Cookoff Featured image

Cajun Cookoff in St. Louis – A Mardi Gras Celebration

Cajun Cookoff -February 12, 2022 Did someone say Crewe in the Lou? Yes, even in St. Louis, they love their fair share of Mardi Gras celebrations. Out of all the celebrations that are part of the Mardi Gras-themed

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Q in the Lou Featured image

Q in the Lou in St. Louis

Q in the Lou -September 30 Through October 2, 2022 One of the most satisfying BBQ events that St. Louis locals wait all year for is returning again for their 7th annual Q in the Lou BBQ Festival.

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Culinary Challenge Awards Featured image

Culinary Challenge Awards in St. Louis

Culinary Challenge Awards -March 7, 2022 Now here’s a food challenge that’s quite unique since it’s being held in 2022 at Union Station in downtown St. Louis. The formal title is the Culinary Challenge Awards and is sponsored

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American Royal World Series Of Barbecue – Results 2021 Featured image

American Royal World Series Of Barbecue (WSOBBQ) – Results 2021

The most recent WSOBBQ or as locals have known this to be the American Royal World Series of BBQ has formally announced the big winners for the 2021 cook-off in Kansas! Not only is this competition one of

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Lainey Abone Rib Eating queen Surprise Featured image

Memphis Grizzlies Cheerleader Wins Rib Eating Competition

Rib Eating Surprise When you think of competitive eating, who comes to mind? Sure Joey Chestnut pops to mind, even he is an exception to the rule. Usually we think of the big dude chowing down the 48

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Event The Jack Sub Article Clark BBQ the winners Featured image

The Jack Daniel’s BBQ World Champions – Winners Circle

Grand Champion of the 31st Annual Jack Daniel’s BBQ competition goes to Clark Crew BBQ. There’s a phrase in business “Pent up demand”. Keep something scarce and you build up a backlog of folks who want it. Mostly

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