First Chili Cookoff – 1942 Borger BBQ Battle

There isn’t much to say about the little sleepy town of Borger, Texas until you bring up one landmark incident. The Second World War was still in full-swing, and locals could enjoy BBQ when supplies allowed. During this

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1952 Chili Cookoff [Uvalde, TX] ‘Arama Days’

Among other things that stand out at the Dallas State Fair in 1952 was the first appearance of Big Tex. It was an oversized statue that was originally a giant Santa Clause that was repurposed for the fair

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Terlingua’s First Chili Cookoff in 1967

Texas Chili, the Dallas Press, and a Hot-Rod God When it comes to chili in Texas, pride is well-known and celebrated for several reasons. But if you thought there’s a conspiracy behind the formation of one of the

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BBQ History Series: Memphis in May (MiM) 1978

The MiM Memphis in May: The World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest, 1978 “Some might say that after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, it spelled the end for Memphis businesses”. Owners were leaving and stores

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Kaiser Foil BBQ Hawaii Cookoff, 1959

If there ever was a cookoff that got a lot of entertainment value for the sport of home BBQ, you found it! It was originally an advertisement for Kaiser’s aluminum foil that turned into a very special competition

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