Kevin Bludso Featured image

Kevin Bludso – A Pitmaster from Compton to Stardom

Kevin Bludso has the name and the fame along with plenty of BBQ cookbooks, restaurants, and healthy endorsements from mega-barbecue brands like Kingsford. But despite all of the hype, is Bludso really the genuine Pitmaster that he claims

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Matt Horn Featured image

Matt Horn – California BBQ Pitmaster Changing the Scene

Once and a while you’ll get the newest shining star of the BBQ world, and obviously what follows is a media storm of accolades and high praise! Matt Horn might be your average Californian who is getting a

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John Mueller Featured image

John Mueller – Texas’ BBQ Dark Prince

Some barbecue folks are the stuff of legends similar to King Arthur who was destined to be King. According to local legends that often run amok in Texas, one undisputed Dark Prince of Barbecue’ was in fact, more

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Eli Goldman Featured image

Eli Goldman, BBQ Legend of Queens

While some pitmasters are just using Kosher salt for their brisket, here’s one homegrown grill guru who is taking that with more than a grain of salt. Eli Goldman took his frustration with the 2020 pandemic to a

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Chris Schafer of Heavy Smoke BBQ Featured image

Chris Schafer Of Heavy Smoke BBQ

What do you do when you’re a two-time KCBS world champion with numerous team BBQ awards and grand championship accolades? If you’re Chris Schafer of Heavy Smoke BBQ, you have to consider that making BBQ for his customers

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Chris Armstrong & Navin’s BBQ in St. Louis

What happens when you take good old-fashioned Texas BBQ and combine it with the high-stakes flavor of St. Louis barbecue? For Chris Armstrong and his hot new BBQ joint Navin’s, the secret is a little bit more obvious

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Rodney Scott featured image

Meet Rodney Scott, BBQ HOF & James Beard Winner

Mr. Scott’s family moved to South Carolina when Rodney was an infant. They ran a number of businesses including Scott’s Variety Store and Bar-B-Q. Like most family businesses in small town Americana, everybody gets to help out, and

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Lainey Abone Rib Eating queen Surprise Featured image

Memphis Grizzlies Cheerleader Wins Rib Eating Competition

Rib Eating Surprise When you think of competitive eating, who comes to mind? Sure Joey Chestnut pops to mind, even he is an exception to the rule. Usually we think of the big dude chowing down the 48

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Meet Meathead King of BBQ Science Featured image

Meet Meathead King of BBQ Science

Craig ‘Meathead’ Goldwyn has enough accolades that we could have just pages that list his accomplishments. His book “The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling” was a NY Times best seller and named one of the “100 Best

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Event The Jack Sub Article Clark BBQ the winners Featured image

The Jack Daniel’s BBQ World Champions – Winners Circle

Grand Champion of the 31st Annual Jack Daniel’s BBQ competition goes to Clark Crew BBQ. There’s a phrase in business “Pent up demand”. Keep something scarce and you build up a backlog of folks who want it. Mostly

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