Indoor Smokeless Electric Grills – Tested & Reviewed

When all else fails, breakout the indoor vapor max jordan max aura 4 air jordan 11 cmft low air max 95 sale nike air max 90 nike air force jordan air jordan 14 nike vapor max air

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best smoker for the money

Best Smokers – Tested. Reviewed. Results.

Ever wondered if the secret to top-notch BBQ is the smoker you use? Well, the seasoned pros say its not, but if you’re looking to elevate your BBQ game, having a dedicated smoker could be just the ticket.

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Best Gas Grills – Affordable & Value Picks

We took a look at 25 of the top selling gas grills on Amazon and selected our five favorite grills based on first hand experience, customer reviews and price. There’s barbecue in the sense of smoking meats low

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Pit-Barrel-Cooker-Co. Featured image

Pit Barrel Cooker by the Pit Barrel Cooker Co.

Here we take an in-depth look at the Pit Barrel Cooker by the Pit Barrel Cooker Company. We have extensive experience smoking food on this drum style smoker – it’s one of our favorite smokers – and we’ll

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The-top-five-questions-about-Weber-Smokey-Mountain Featured image

Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) – Why People Love it and FAQs

Why do people love the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)? In 1952 Weber introduced the first kettle charcoal grill in the marketplace, the 1956 model brought the look we know today. By the seventies it was breaking out as

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Best Tools for Barbecue Competition Featured image

Barbecue Tools & Accessories for Competition Cooking

Competitive BBQ You are ready to strike out and get competitive by joining the BBQ competition circuit; your friends and family have raved all the time about how good your barbecue tastes. Kudos! By all means give it

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Best Kettle Grills & Why We Love Them

We’ll review some of our favorite kettle grills and explain which ones are the best based on price and design. The kettle grill is an American icon that resembles more than just backyard barbecues and good times, but

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The-Best-Electric-Grills-For-Your-2019-Cookouts Featured image

The Best Electric Smokers

Best Electric Smokers & Pellet Grills Owning an electric smoker is, hands down, the best and most versatile way to smoke or even grill. While some may disagree, it can’t be argued that electric smokers are easier to

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Best Smokers for Competition Barbecue Featured image

Best Smokers for Competition Barbecue

When it comes to award winning competition BBQ there’s one thing pitmasters have in common – their smokers. For the best smokers to win your next BBQ cookoff see below to see what the pros use. We’d all

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Best BBQ Cookbooks Featured image

Best BBQ Cookbooks

We’ve covered plenty of famous BBQ pitmasters who obviously know a thing or two about cooking amazing barbecue, but when it comes to who wrote the defining book on BBQ mastery, we want to provide only the best.

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