American Royal World Series Of Barbecue (WSOBBQ) – Results 2021


The most recent WSOBBQ or as locals have known this to be the American Royal World Series of BBQ has formally announced the big winners for the 2021 cook-off in Kansas! Not only is this competition one of the largest in the USA, but it’s also covering so many categories that embrace the BBQ experience.

The main competition has always placed a big emphasis on BBQ meats with entrees such as chicken, pork, pork ribs, and brisket but also provides opportunities for BBQ hopefuls in other categories. These categories include all of the most popular side dishes that go with any BBQ meal including beans, potatoes, vegetables, and desserts! There is even a cook-off that has been dedicated to the kids that cover two separate age groups of 6-10 and 11-16.

You might not expect to see anything other than chicken, but there’s a category reserved for turkey, sausage, and even the Best Party of the Year exhibitor awards! If you can expect that the WSOBBQ covers everything BBQ, they pulled off quite a feat this year, to say the least. So starting off with some of the feature competitions, here’s who made the big wins doing what they do best.

Rub Contest Winners Info

Team applying Rub In Contest

Talk about rubbing elbows with this year’s winners, the top three categories for rubs are pretty diverse. This includes three categories that cover both mild and spicy rubs, yet also cover an additional list that gives both of these categories an award for Best Rubs on the Planet. You can see all of the winners listed here on this page:

Hot Sauce Contest Winners Info

Men making Hot Sauce in Contest

This is no hot topic that’s worth getting steamed up about since the main coverage of categories will contain a lot of spicy ingredients. They included this year’s entries with mild and spicy tomato, vinegar, and mustard, and then there were the specialty sauces. All were hot to get some attention, but we’ve got the winning results right here:

Overall BBQ contest winners

grilling meat in BBQ contest

Out of the main four categories that these top three winners entered this year, they received the highest scores in the BBQ categories including Pork, Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Brisket. Out of all of their hard work, they reached an overall score from the judges that all reached whopping rank totals which blew smoke rings around the other contestants. Don’t take our word for it, and check out the actual results in the link below!

1st place: Triple H BBQ

2nd place: Sin Circle BBQ

3rd place: YSB BBQ

2021 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Hall Of Fame Inductees

This year was another great addition for new inductees onto the BBQ hall of fame but one name that stands out like shining gold is none other than Meathead Goldwyn! If you’ve heard of then you’ll know that Meathead is among the newest BBQ Hall of Famer that has made some big headlines in this year alone. Not only did he write the science behind the Smoke Ring but his science background explained what The Stall is all about.

While his books may have reached the New York Times Bestseller list enough times, he’s also on the top lists for Amazon, Wired, and Epicurious. If he isn’t applying his scientific theory to show how BBQ methods are explained in a very down to Earth way, he finds more than enough time to debunk many of the rumors that have mystified BBQ for so many decades. You can check out the complete list of many other inductee winners at this link right here:

Summing Up The 2021 American Royal

American Royal World Series

We’ll once again be the first to cover the latest developments for next year’s 2022 WSOBBQ with anticipation. Now that many of the COVID-19 restrictions are easing up, we can’t wait to see what kind of party 2022 will turn up for this incredible BBQ bash. Despite the current restrictions, safety was a top priority that made everyone feel just as safe and right at home. As a result, this year’s turnout was one of the biggest that we’ve seen in over a decade!

Perhaps we’ll also have the latest updates on which winners are returning to once again take the big wins on all of the top BBQ cook-off categories.

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