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Best BBQ Restaurants in St. Louis


It’s always a tough call when it comes to good BBQ and most of the top-rated BBQ joints in St. Louis are still livin’ high on the hog. Aside from that, it’s too easy to pay more for good BBQ than you should, which is why a famous named restaurant should never be the reason to enjoy flavor before a touristy price tag gets attached. If you want the best BBQ in town, sometimes you have to know who is serving honest prices with authentic St. Louis flavor!

Talk about a legendary BBQ joint that started back in 1963, that still serves up their iconic BBQ sauce and fixings. If you’re looking for ribs, they serve both pork and beef but have a generous selection of BBQ sandwiches and delicious sides. One of the most impressive snacks you’ll encounter at C & K Barbecue is their signature Snoots. Their location is the same since they opened and is still serving old-school-style BBQ for locals and curious BBQ fans.

If you come with a group, make sure you bring your appetite and perhaps some of their signature BBQ sauce that they sell in jugs right over the counter! It’s just the right amount of sweet and tangy but doesn’t hide the flavor of your ribs or anything that you want to drizzle it all over!

Five Aces Bar-Be-Cue

Five Aces Bar-Be-Cue Restaurant

The name might not jump out immediately, however, this location is the same beloved BBQ haunt that was home to the original Mamma Josephine’s. The new owner, Antonio Ellis has ironically responded to a Craigslist ad posted in 2015 by Mary Samuelson who owned the Mamma Josephine’s BBQ joint for several years. Through an honored agreement, Antonio kept many of the popular southern comfort dishes on the menu that local fans always loved.

The location is now an official smokehouse combining incredible southern dishes and the best BBQ entrees. Antonio, who is a Navy veteran and a talented pitmaster, has his own special dry rub that makes his ribs instantly different than others. It’s more than comfort food for the senses, and with prices that remind you of the good old days.

Who could forget that it’s not easy to master BBQ with poultry, especially when it comes to smoked turkey! If you’re into BBQ wings, this fine establishment was voted the best chicken wings in all of Missouri. Not only that, they include a menu that dedicates dishes such as Turkey ribs, chicken wings, and everything smoked in between. They also feature 5 different signature sauces that you can add to each item likewise.

If you’re big on sides, they offer fixings that will top off this bird-based BBQ experience without clucking up your lunch or dinner budget. Speaking of pricing, they still have rock bottom prices that appeal to anyone who loves BBQ’d bird done right! You can order family meals and special platters for nearly any occasion, so order well-ahead of Thanksgiving since they’ll likely be sold out if you don’t order ahead.

You can still go into their brick-and-mortar location to have the original Ms. Piggie’s Smokehouse experience, but this little shop also features catering and event options for large companies or parties. They’ve cornered the market on pork steaks that are sliced directly from pork butt. While it’s actually from the shoulder of the pig, originally these were packed in barrels at the turn of the century which were called butts.

They also serve beef brisket, chicken & turkey, and southern fried fish. If you’re looking to get the best BBQ experience with a distinct southern taste, this legend of St. Louis is ideally budget-friendly and incredibly saucy! Some of the unique items on their side dishes include black eye peas and collard greens.

St. Louis Q BBQ

St. Louis Q BBQ Joint

When looking for a real old-school BBQ joint in St. Louis it’s nice to know that Q in the Lou still has some hidden gems. When it comes to St. Louis Q BBQ, they feature a wide variety of BBQ entrees. Everything from BBQ pork steak and brisket to pulled pork and rib tips. If you like southern classics, they’ll have pig ear and snoot on hand for fine consumers of swine. They also offer outstanding chicken wings and smoked turkey legs to top off their menu highlights.

Since 1994, they’ve been serving up succulent BBQ with their own signature BBQ sauce. Their sides aren’t stepping outside the typical baked beans or green beans, but their potato salad and French fries are always a top choice. It’s also one of the few places where you can find catfish fillet sandwiches available on the menu!

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  1. Try Ms Piggy call in order or fine. They have BBQ Ribs, Chicken whole, half a chicken, flat part of the wings, fish strips, pull pork and chicken sandwiches, sides are great, BBQ sauce taste like great . Located 10,612 Olive Street, open 11 am to 6 pm

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