Meat Up in Memphis 2022


If you’re a fan of the real taste of Memphis BBQ, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a unique event that’s happening this year that you can’t miss.The second annual “Meat Up in Memphis” BBQ event is once again gearing up for its three-day BBQ event. Held at the historically grand Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis in downtown Memphis right around the corner from the world-famous Beale Street.

venue in downtown Memphis

This food-filled event centers on Memphis-style pork BBQ and kicks off with an impressive itinerary of scheduled events happening throughout the day. What can only be described as three days of pork BBQ talks, seminars, tastings, and of course plenty of food and drink. Those who are interested in attending this event will be glad to know there’s still plenty of room with up to 400 that will be in attendance. This year it’ll be held from March 18 – March 21, 2022.

Luckily for BBQ enthusiasts, the masterful Pitmasters of have played a major part in organizing this three-day event. You can still book this 3-day package for just $727.00 and includes all the Meat Up in Memphis events for this 3-day weekend. This gives you instant access to all the food and entertainment they provide. Additionally, they’ve struck a deal with the Peabody Hotel so you can book rooms ahead of time.


They can offer an incredible 50% discount for all the days that you stay at the hotel, but you’ll need to contact to help book these rooms ahead of time. Both of their single or double rooms are just $252 per night plus tax. If your group is larger they offer special rates for groups of 4 or more. While you’ll have to pay for any adult beverages out of your own pocket, the Meat Up in Memphis will provide coffee and soft drinks.

Meathead Goldwyn ribs top Pitmaster

You’ll also be treated to gift bags, giveaways, and drawings for great prizes all weekend long. if you’re a big fan of Meathead Goldwyn, you’ll finally have a chance to have him sign your copy of “The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling”. You can also have him personalize that book for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have his latest copy, they’ll have extra copies of it to purchase there so you can get it signed by Meathead for free!

Some of the highlights on Friday include a whole hog demo, exhibitor product expos, and a free dinner that night at Rendevous inside the hotel. But it’s on Saturday that the event really starts to kick off. There are scheduled BBQ events, talks, special guests, and BBQ demos all through the day. You’ll be happy to hear they’ve set up break times in between with beverages being served in the expo product area.

memphis meat up duck walk

You don’t want to miss the duck walk that will happen daily at 11am and 5pm with the hotel’s more infamous guests- the fountain Ducks! Each procession in the morning and evening is hosted with a red carpet treatment complete with an Honorary Duck Master that’s appointed each day. From 7-10pm that night you’ll enjoy a whole hog cooked by Mark Lambert in a buffet that’s set up in the product expo area.

The last day is a real show-stopper that features a breakfast buffet, and at noon another chance to taste the best of Memphis with over 10 great BBQ dishes from various joints all over town served for free in the Grand Ballroom. Don’t miss the Dusk March that will feature Meathead at 5pm. But that’s not the end of this wild party. Just around the corner on Beale Street, invites you to join in for the Beal Street Bash.

Memphis Silky O’Sullivan’s pub

This will be held at Silky O’Sullivan’s pub right around the corner. There are drinks, live music, and a chance to join in for an improv music jam during the break. You can get your groove-on at this wild Memphis party! By the end of this weekend, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for Memphis BBQ, BBQ tips and tricks, great food, and plenty of special BBQ guests that you might know.

Be sure to check out all the main information listed at for all the details. We’re sure that the true flavors of Memphis pork BBQ will be a real highlight for you this year, so don’t miss out. Check it out! Check back for post event coverage.

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