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Smoke on the Shores BBQ Championship 2024


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Nashville has such a rich history between music and barbecue, that it comes as no sunike air max 270 women’s sale nike air max 97 nike air jordan 14 nike ispa 270 air max goaterra 2.0 air jordan mid 40 nike air max 97 nike air max 270 men’s jordan 13 air max goaterra 2.0 mens nike air max nike air max 90 air jordan 1 element nike air max 270 women’s sale nike vapor max rprise that their barbecue competition brings in elements of both. Like hot smoke and beef brisket, they go mighty well together.

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Little clarification though. In 2019 Nashville saw the heaviest rain it had received in years. With their location flooded, the intrepid organizers did not give in. Instead, they moved the event to a section of the Wilson County Fairgrounds, just down the interstate in Lebanon. And it was an exceptional match, with facilities that would allow the event to grow into one of the premiere barbecue competitions in the Memphis region.

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2024 looks to have Smoke on the Shores hosting a 100-team professional BBQ competition AND a 50-team backyard BBQ competition, both sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). Here are the deets:

Smoke on the Shores BBQ Championship

When: March 15-16, 2024

Where: Wilson County Fairgrounds
James E. Ward Agricultural Center
945 E. Baddour Parkway
Lebanon, TN 37087

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The pros compete in four categories: Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Brisket. They’re vying for their share of prize money totaling over $10,000, along with points towards the KCBS national BBQ team of the year standings…and of course bragging rights for placing in one of the largest such events in the country. Backyard teams are fighting over $5,000 in cash over three categories: Chicken, Ribs and Pork.

Then there are the add-on events like the Turkey Smoke Challenge, Dessert Challenge, and the Allegiance Rib Challenge.

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Smoke on the Shores is a prestigious event that brings some of the classic Americana in the Lebanon locale along with the awesome tourist playground in the city of Nashville. All in all, it makes a great debut for the competition ‘cue season in the Memphis area.

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