American Royal World Series Of Barbecue – Results 2021 Featured image

American Royal World Series Of Barbecue (WSOBBQ) – Results 2022 & 2021

2022 WSOBBQ Results Boy- oh boy, the American Royal is cooking up some seriously new competitions this year and now has their spring contest results. This covered 5 separate events that happened in March and also in May.

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Best-BBQ-Tips-from-Pitmasters featured image

Best BBQ Tips from Pitmasters

We’ve rounded up some expert advice on key topics that has been dealt with by every aficionado of this cooking we call barbecue. We’ll look at what they have to say and dig deeper as to the why

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Grilling Basics – Grills, Accessories, & Pro Tips

Grilling VS. Barbecue These two terms have become somewhat interchangeable for many folks. We’re going to stick with more of an origin version. Barbecue is the low and slow smoke filled process of cooking food. Grilling is the

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Best Gas Grills – Affordable & Value Picks

We took a look at 25 of the top selling gas grills on Amazon and selected our five favorite grills based on first hand experience, customer reviews and price. There’s barbecue in the sense of smoking meats low

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Crispy Grilled Chicken Cornell Style featured image

Secret to Crispy Grilled Chicken – Cornell Style

History of Dr. Robert Baker’s Cornell Crispy Grilled Chicken Bob Barker’s tried and true method for grilling chicken that is crispy and juicy.  Bob Baker was a famous professor of food science and poultry science at Cornell University

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How to Cook a Pork Butt featured image

How to BBQ a Pork Butt: The Right Way

Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing a Pork Butt Everything you need to know about yielding a delicious and tender pork shoulder on your smoker, grill or oven. If you asked us what happiness is, we’d tell you it was

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Best Indoor Electric Grills – Tested & Reviewed

When all else fails, breakout the indoor grill. Here’s the thing, your indoor grill won’t get as hot a traditional gas or charcoal grill. Many of them aren’t designed well enough to reach and maintain internal temperatures of

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Cleaning-BBQ-Kitchen-in-the-Garden-brushing_main Featured image

How To Season A Grill

Good old-fashioned backyard barbecues are always the highlight of an all-American summer. When grilling season starts, you’re either dusting off your backyard grill or looking to purchase the latest model. Whether you’ve been using your trusty grill for

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Pit-Barrel-Cooker-Co. Featured image

Pit Barrel Cooker by the Pit Barrel Cooker Co.

Here we take an in-depth look at the Pit Barrel Cooker by the Pit Barrel Cooker Company. We have extensive experience smoking food on this drum style smoker – it’s one of our favorite smokers – and we’ll

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Best Wood For Smoking Brisket: A Guide For The Aspiring Smoker Featured image

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

Over the course of human history, the humble caveman evolved from simply throwing a raw piece of meat on a wood fire, to actually using the smoke and heat to flavor and create a tender and mouth-watering brisket.

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