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The Jack Daniel’s BBQ World Champions – Winners Circle


Grand Champion of the 31st Annual Jack Daniel’s BBQ competition goes to Clark Crew BBQ.

There’s a phrase in business “Pent up demand”. Keep something scarce and you build up a backlog of folks who want it. Mostly this can work to one’s favor although sometimes it backfires. We all watched as events near and dear to us had issues in the tumultuous year that was 2020. And now, the gates are opened a bit more, normalcy is creeping back in and things are starting to happen. One such item on the horizon is the 32nd Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue October 2021.

Clark Crew at 31 JACK DANIEL'S event

This is an invitational event open only to teams that have won a bona fide state championship event and a few of the most prestigious competitions. In other words the best of the best. Oh, and if you happen to be the prior event’s winner you are invited to come back and defend that title. That is exactly what we are hoping to see from Clark Crew BBQ, winners of the 2019 Grand Champion trophy. Bragging rights aren’t enough, so the title also comes with a $25,000 cash award.

“Never eat a skinny man’s BBQ” – Travis Clark

Those are words to live by!

In less than 10 years, Clark Crew BBQ has amassed over 700 top 10 awards. Hailing from Oklahoma City, OK, they have a retail restaurant location there. And a huge local following willing to be the guinea pigs for the award winning crew as they improve their skills. After attending a barbecue competition as a spectator in 2012 Mr. Clark decided he wanted in on the competition. Only his version of competing actually means dominating everyone in the field.

the Clark Crew BBQ team members

Barbecue competitions have been going on for decades. As a relative newcomer to the arena, the Clark Crew BBQ team has made an impressive name for themselves. Their winning includes a couple National Team of the Year titles, The American Royal, World Championships, and multiple Oklahoma Team of the year trophies. They have bested the top domestic and international teams out there in competitive barbecue.

The Clark Crew BBQ mantra is consistency. This level of winning again and again does not happen by accident. Perfecting the skill and duplicating it, consistently and repeatedly going out there with great barbecue is what it takes.  The crew also believes that all of this will translate into a world class experience when you visit as a guest at their joint. Their kind of success makes it hard to argue the point.

The point will be argued though, and contested October 2021 when the “Jack” fires up the smoke and the best teams reconvene in the holler to settle up, and put up to see who rises from the ashes as the new – or perhaps repeat – world champions.

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