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Traeger Grills (now technically Traeger Pellet Grills) has an interesting air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes wmns air 1 mid nike air max 90 nike jordan zoom air cmft air jordan mid 40 nike air max 270 men’s nike air max 270 bg nike air jordan 14 air jordan 4 military black wmns air 1 mid wmns air max 270 jordan max aura 4 nike air max 270 bg air jordan mid 40 nike air jordan mid history. The little town of Mt. Angel Oregon is not a town associated with internationally renowned innovation. They are associated with a great Octoberfest celebration…maybe it was making homemade brats for the festival that prompted Joe Traeger to hit the drawing board? The result is an innovation to a food cooking style that literally goes back to the dawn of time.

The prototype Traeger was made in 1985, patented in 1986 and off to the races. By 1990 they were solid in the marketplace and found their way into cookoffs. Like Kleenex and Xerox, Traeger is often the generic term for pellet cookers in the US. While they built the niche, there are many joiners in the marketplace. Often, they are great products in their own right as they piggyback their way into the market.

first traeger manufacturing plant
Workers manufacturing Traeger Grills in the original factory located in Mt. Angel in 1999.

The company began as a home heating business, and in the early ‘80s they introduced the idea of wood pellets made from compressed sawdust—a readily available byproduct of the region’s logging industry—as a way to keep homes cozy for less cash. To combat the problem of seasonal demand, Traeger soon built a wood pellet-powered grill to drive year-round purchases. You could say say Traeger was into wood pellets before they were cool (or hot?). — Serious Eats

Price has always been a big consideration and point of commentary. Trager built a product that was nearly bulletproof and known for longevity. Some might argue that having production shifted offshore has diminished the quality. Perhaps, but it has not reduced their stature in the marketplace. That will be up to you to decide.

Regardless, many of us are very happy that he originated the pellet smokers and grills. Sure, there are purists who poo-poo any smoking other than chunks or lumps. Whatever. Anyone who has worked in commercial kitchens understands it is all about results. And consistency. We are here to help you navigate their choices, and find the one best suited to you specifically.

Here’s why pellet smokers and grills have been, and will be, popular in backyard kitchens and competitions;

Benefits of Pellet Smokers/Grills

  • Consistency: Precise temperature control is a hallmark of Traeger grills, which ensures consistent cooking results every time. Like we said, this reliability is highly valued by both amateur and professional cooks
  • Wood-fired Flavor: Traeger grills use real wood pellets as fuel available in many varieties. From apple to oak, someone is making pellets in the wood that you will want to use for your next smoking adventure.
  • Ease of Use: Traeger grills are known for their user-friendly designs. But it’s really all about set and forget. Make sure you have a full hopper of pellets and you are off and running for many hours of smoking. Let the grill do the work and you can perfect your side dishes.
  • Versatility: Traeger grills are versatile cooking machines that allow you to smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue. Their wide range of temperature settings is like an outdoor oven that adds a pleasant smoke to any dish.

If you came here to discover the best Traeger Grill to buy, look no further than below;

Best Traeger Grills

Best Overall – Traeger Timberline 1300

Timberline model 1300 product image

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The Timberline models are truly a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. Yes, the price reflects that, but this device delivers a broad swath of what any cook wants in their outdoor kitchen. Starting with double-walled stainless-steel construction and a truly easy cleaning system, you move upwards to touch screen controls, WIFI, wireless thermometers and even an induction side cook surface. Users who prioritize performance, storage, and versatility will want to opt for the Timberline series. Specifications:

  • 1300 square inches
  • 3 grates with adjustable tiers
  • 544 square inches on main grate
  • 500 degrees max


Best All Around – Traeger Pro Series 780

Traeger Pro Series 780 product image

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This model is well-regarded for being straightforward and representing the Traeger heritage. Sure, it has Wi-Fi connectivity, but the spacious cooking area and consistent temperature control are what being people back. It’s a popular choice among Traeger enthusiasts and has one of our favorite features with the hopper cleanout, so you can easily swap pellets and change your wood flavor between smokes. This kind of versatility and ease of use keeps the 780 on our list. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, take a look at the Z Grill Pellet smoker in our ‘Best Smokers’ review article. It’s basically the same design but half the price.


  • 780 square inches
  • 2 grates
  • 570 square inches on the main level
  • 450 degrees max


Well Featured – Traeger Ironwood

Traeger Ironwood product image

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The Ironwood packs a lot of features and with a high degree of customization at a reasonable price point. The pellet sensor keeps you cooking, and WiFIRE technology keeps you up to date, and able to control the device remotely. The Pop-and-Lock accessory system lets you add everything from paper towels and condiment rails to shelves and a cup holder.


  • 616 square inches
  • 2 grates
  • 396 square inches on the main
  • 500 degrees max


Best for Beginners – Traeger Pro 22

Traeger Pro 22 product image

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The Pro 22 is a well-priced unit that will get you started in the set and forget world of pellet smokers. It still delivers great wood-fired flavor with the build quality that has made Traeger the standard in the industry. There is a pleasant straightforwardness to the analog temperature dial with more than enough settings to cook with. If you have not found out how good your food can be from a Traeger, this is the one for you to check it out.


  • 572 square inches
  • 2 grates
  • 418 square inches on the main
  • 450 degrees max


Portable – Traeger Ranger

Traeger Ranger product image

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Trager has two grilling systems considered portable, both weighting in right around 60 pounds. Thinking along the idea that anything is portable if you have the carry space, between the two the Ranger seems more purpose built for portability. With latches to secure it closed, a solid handle and compact profile you’ll appreciate the design. It is also sized just right for a mid-sized packer cut briskest, one rack of ribs or 6 burgers, it even includes a flat metal grill for breakfast and other cooking. You can feed a group easily, if not the entire army.


  • 176 square inches
  • 1 grate
  • 1 grill
  • 450 degrees max

For a more detailed look at the best electric smokers see our roundup and review here.

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