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World Series of BBQ 2022 “Summer Winner” Results

Kansas City WSOBB Summer Winner Results

As if BBQ competitions couldn’t get more amazing, this last year marked a first for the WSOBB where a Grand Champion was crowned on both days of the barbecue event. The crowning king of this event was non-other than Grant Basiliere of Que U who won the two titles on both days! Special thanks to Harry Soo who is a proud representative of Slap Yo Daddy meat rubs. Harry got to meet and interview Grant while he was still dumbstruck by his consecutive wins!nike vapor max nike air jordan 1 elevate low nike air max 90 futura max white shoes mens nike air max nike jordan series 06 nike air jordan 1 elevate low nike air jordan 1 elevate low air max goaterra 2.0 air jordan 11 cmft low air jordan 14 air max goaterra 2.0 air jordan 4 military black jordan proto max 720 jordan proto max 720

A little information on Grant Basiliere is that he’s no seasoned professional at all and only started small-time BBQ competitions back in 2018… He entered the Invitational competition that covered 4 different kinds of BBQ meat. These included brisket, pork, pork ribs, and chicken, and went on to win his very first Grand Champion win worth 15K! After this, he went on to win the Open Competition as Grand Champion once again for a 17K award.

This is the only time that WSOBB has ever seen a newcomer straight out of left field take the Summer BBQ competition across the board with such swiftness and unabashed humbleness. As we’ve seen before with heavy hitters of the BBQ world, some Pitmasters have spent years honing their craft. But this is a huge impact on anyone who is aspiring to show off their natural BBQ skills.

But that’s not the only news here since we’re very proud to showcase who has taken the coveted top three prize slots. The World Series of BBQ 2022 summer winners represent a growing trend of BBQ enthusiasts who are showing they are rising stars of the BBQ world.

Overall Results

  • First Place: Que U
  • Second Place: Loot N’ Booty BBQ
  • Third Place: Slaps BBQ


Brisket Open

  • First Place: Grey Street BBQ
  • Second Place: Steel Smoke BBQ
  • Third Place: Atlanta BBQ Store


Chicken Open

  • First Place: Slaps BBQ
  • Second Place: Taste of Grace
  • Third Place: Damn Yankee Texas Barbecue


Pork Ribs Open

  • First Place: Que U
  • Second Place: Hogzilla
  • Third Place: Comin’ in Hot


Pork Open

  • First Place: 2 Brothers Barbecue
  • Second Place: Keep Calm & Sauce On
  • Third Place: Shake N Bake BBQ


Sausage Open

  • First Place: Good Smoke BBQ
  • Second Place: Gray Wolf BQ
  • Third Place: Burn Rate!


Turkey Smoke Open

  • First Place: Camp Creek Cooker
  • Second Place: Bull Creek BBQ
  • Third Place: Breggy Bomb BBQ


Overall Side Open

  • First Place: Smoke This BBQ-MO
  • Second Place: On the Dotte Smokers
  • Third Place: Petie’s Smokin Pits BBQ


Vegetables Open

  • First Place: Big O’s BBQ
  • Second Place: Crawford’s BBW
  • Third Place: Uncle Kenny’s BBQ & Catering


Potatoes Open

  • First Place: Loot N’ Booty BBQ
  • Second Place: Mississippi Meat Mafia
  • Third Place: Piggin’ Whiskey


Beans Open

  • First Place: Meat Me in St. Louis
  • Second Place: Burnt Finger BBQ
  • Third Place: Slapulator BBQ


Desserts Open

  • First Place: Mad Mutt’s BBQ
  • Second Place: Slow & Easy
  • Third Place: Gray Street BBQ


2022 WSOBBQ “Spring Winner” Results

Kansas City WSOBB “Spring Winner” Results

Boy- oh boy, the American Royal is cooking up some seriously new competitions this year and now has their spring contest results. This covered 5 separate events that happened in March and also in May.

This included separate events that were held for the Backyard BBQ & Steak Contest, The Best Rub on the Planet Contest, The Best Sauce on the Planet, KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge Class, KCBS Certified Table Captain Class, and a special Barbecue Hall of Fame Induction class announcement.

And though they had separate classes for Table Captains and Judges, the three bigger contests dedicated to making BBQ are what we’re all interested in hearing about. We’ll also give you an update as soon as the next inductees are mentioned for the Barbecue Hall of Fame.

Backyard BBQ & Steak Contest Winners Info

BBQ Steaks on table

Now if you didn’t know, this contest is actually two separate contests unless you were confused by the title of the contest. The Backyard Barbecue and the Steak Contest was held on March 25th and 26th so each event could be held as a daily event.

There were a total of 11 Steak contest contestants who took part with a total of 6 judges tasting the results. Here are the top three winners to take the title of Best Steak

  • 1st Place: Go Ham BBQ
  • 2nd Place: Show-Me Smoke BBQ
  • 3rd Place: Twisted Q


The winners of the Backyard Barbecue contest covered three separate specialties including Chicken and Ribs and the overall results. For the Chicken competition, there were a total of 25 contestants while the Ribs contest included a total of 25 contestants.

Chicken Winners

  • 1st Place: Fluffy Butt BBQ
  • 2nd Place: Shmack Q
  • 3rd Place: Rick’s Racks



  • 1st Place: Wrecking Crew BBQ
  • 2nd Place: Damn Fine Beef & Swine
  • 3rd Place: Smokey GQ

Best Rub on the Planet Contest Winners Info

Best Rubs on the Planet Contest

Of course, what BBQ competition would be complete without having contestants working their magic on some unsuspecting slabs of meat? This year the contest was held on May 15th and was an all-day event. The competition was split into three categories which included Best Rub on the Planet, Best Mild Rub, and Best Hot Rub.

Best Rub on the Planet

  • 1st Place: Butcher BBQ Inc. (Honey Rub)
  • 2nd Place: Willow Seasonings & Blends LLC (Willow Sweet Heat All-Purpose BBQ Rub)
  • 3rd Place: Meat Mitch (Meat Mitch Whomp! Rub)


Best Mild Rub

  • 1st Place: Butcher BBQ Inc. (Honey Rub)
  • 2nd Place: Meat Mitch (Meat Mitch Whomp! Rub)
  • 3rd Place: Rob’s Smoking Rub (Train Wreck)


Best Hot Rub

  • 1st Place: Willow Seasonings & Blends LLC (Willow Sweet Heat All-Purpose BBQ Rub)
  • 2nd Place: Heavy Smoke BBQ (Heavy Smoke White Label)
  • 3rd Place: Butcher BBQ Inc. (Maple Rub)


Best Sauce on the Planet Contest Winners

Best Sauces on Planet Contest

As if BBQ rubs were an important part of the barbecue contests, another competition was held on May 17th, just a couple days after the Rub Contest. The categories included Best Hot and Mild Tomato Sauces, Vinegar and Mustard, and Specialty Sauces. Here were the winning results of that day.

Best Tomato Hot BBQ Sauce

  • 1st Place: Freddy Ray’s BBQ (Creeper)
  • 2nd Place: Hog Tide Bar-Be-Que (Hog Tide Bar-Be-Que Competition Heat Sauce)
  • 3rd Place: Spice It Up LLC (Hot and Sassy Barbecue Sauce)


Best Tomato Mild BBQ Sauce

  • 1st Place: Augies Sauce & Spice BBQ Co. (K.C. Pitmaster)
  • 2nd Place: Uncle Kenny’s BBQ & Catering (Uncle Kenny’s Original)
  • 3rd Place: Spice It Up LLC (Mild and Sassy Barbecue Sauce)


Best Mustard BBQ Sauce

  • 1st Place: Sticky Pig Barbecue Sauce (Sticky Pig Mustard Sauce)
  • 2nd Place: Young’s Backyard BBQ (Spicy Gold BBQ Sauce)
  • 3rd Place: Rufus Teague (Rufus Teague – KC Gold)


Best Vinegar BBQ Sauce

  • 1st Place: Meat Mitch (Meat Mitch Whomp! BBQ Sauce
  • 2nd Place: TD’s Brew & BBQ (TD’s Brew & BBQ (The Original)
  • 3rd Place: Rob’s Smoking Rub (Sweet Chipotle)


Best Specialty BBQ sauce

  • 1st Place: Crazy Eddies (Crazy Eddies Bacon Chipotle BBQ Sauce)
  • 2nd Place: MakingItHappen LLC dba Troy’s BBQ Sauces (Troy’s Sweet Biscuits Honey BBQ Sauce)
  • 3rd Place: s.j.b. bbq (Competition Glaze)


2022 Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall Of Fame Inductees

This year the Class of 2022 BBQ Hall of Fame inductees was composed of more than 80 potential inductees that were selected. In total, only 4 were selected as honorees and 3 Legacy inductees. One of the highlights of this year’s Legacy inductee is no other than Bobby (John) Mueller, the legendary Dark Prince of Texas BBQ.

Not only did John do it his way, but he was also so notorious as a personality, his fans included the rebel film director Robert Rodriguez. The famed El Mariachi’ director was so impressed by Mueller’s harsh and abrasive attitude that Rodriguez created a chef character just like him in the underground sleeper hit ˝Grindhouse˝.

You can read up on all of the latest inductees and a few of their amazing stories on the link right here.


Summing up the 2022 American Royal

American Royal World Series

Believe it or not, the American Royal World Series of BBQ is still not finished just yet. More surprise winners are being announced later this fall, so stay tuned for the newest winners that are making this year’s competition a bigger blast than ever before.

2021 WSOBBQ Results

The most recent WSOBBQ or as locals have known this to be the American Royal World Series of BBQ has formally announced the big winners for the 2021 cook-off in Kansas! Not only is this competition one of the largest in the USA, but it’s also covering so many categories that embrace the BBQ experience.

The main competition has always placed a big emphasis on BBQ meats with entrees such as chicken, pork, pork ribs, and brisket but also provides opportunities for BBQ hopefuls in other categories. These categories include all of the most popular side dishes that go with any BBQ meal including beans, potatoes, vegetables, and desserts! There is even a cook-off that has been dedicated to the kids that cover two separate age groups of 6-10 and 11-16.

You might not expect to see anything other than chicken, but there’s a category reserved for turkey, sausage, and even the Best Party of the Year exhibitor awards! If you can expect that the WSOBBQ covers everything BBQ, they pulled off quite a feat this year, to say the least. So starting off with some of the feature competitions, here’s who made the big wins doing what they do best.

Rub Contest Winners Info

Team applying Rub In Contest

Talk about rubbing elbows with this year’s winners, the top three categories for rubs are pretty diverse. This includes three categories that cover both mild and spicy rubs, yet also cover an additional list that gives both of these categories an award for Best Rubs on the Planet. You can see all of the winners listed here on this page:

Hot Sauce Contest Winners Info

Men making Hot Sauce in Contest

This is no hot topic that’s worth getting steamed up about since the main coverage of categories will contain a lot of spicy ingredients. They included this year’s entries with mild and spicy tomato, vinegar, and mustard, and then there were the specialty sauces. All were hot to get some attention, but we’ve got the winning results right here:https://www.americanroyal.com/bbq/spring-events/sauce-contest/

Overall BBQ contest winners

grilling meat in BBQ contest

Out of the main four categories that these top three winners entered this year, they received the highest scores in the BBQ categories including Pork, Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Brisket. Out of all of their hard work, they reached an overall score from the judges that all reached whopping rank totals which blew smoke rings around the other contestants. Don’t take our word for it, and check out the actual results in the link below!

1st place: Triple H BBQ

2nd place: Sin Circle BBQ

3rd place: YSB BBQ


2021 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Hall Of Fame Inductees

This year was another great addition for new inductees onto the BBQ hall of fame but one name that stands out like shining gold is none other than Meathead Goldwyn! If you’ve heard of AmazingRibs.com then you’ll know that Meathead is among the newest BBQ Hall of Famer that has made some big headlines in this year alone. Not only did he write the science behind the Smoke Ring but his science background explained what The Stall is all about.

While his books may have reached the New York Times Bestseller list enough times, he’s also on the top lists for Amazon, Wired, and Epicurious. If he isn’t applying his scientific theory to show how BBQ methods are explained in a very down to Earth way, he finds more than enough time to debunk many of the rumors that have mystified BBQ for so many decades. You can check out the complete list of many other inductee winners at this link right here:


Summing Up The 2021 American Royal

American Royal World Series

We’ll once again be the first to cover the latest developments for next year’s 2022 WSOBBQ with anticipation. Now that many of the COVID-19 restrictions are easing up, we can’t wait to see what kind of party 2022 will turn up for this incredible BBQ bash. Despite the current restrictions, safety was a top priority that made everyone feel just as safe and right at home. As a result, this year’s turnout was one of the biggest that we’ve seen in over a decade!

Perhaps we’ll also have the latest updates on which winners are returning to once again take the big wins on all of the top BBQ cook-off categories.

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